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Even 0.01% for MAKER orders


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Darb cryptocurrency token

Darb Revenue Share Calculator

Select the trading volume of the stock market and then the stage from which you would like to start your investments on our stock exchange to check the amount of generated income from our tokens.
Darb cryptocurrency token

Proof of Trade

Darb is a community centered platform. So is the Darb Token (DARB) - for each trade you make on the platform, the DARB tokens will be generated. Each day after midnight your DARB tokens participate in DRS (Daily Revenue Share). Trade to increase your DRS, or sell your tokens for instant money! Mining of DARB has its own difficulty, so the earlier you joined and trade, the more tokens you will mine!

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Register on Darb

It won’t even take more than 30 seconds! Our registration process is super-fast and you can connect your account with Facebook or Google!

Make trades

We know that the community is most important! That’s why the DARB economy is focused on users and work as an incentive. Each trade mine DARB tokens, but trading is a game for two - that’s why the DARB tokens generated from trade will be distributed between you and your trade counterparty. The distribution ratio is 65% for MAKERs and 35% for TAKERs.

Get your share of Darb revenue

After a day full of trading, Darb system will calculate your revenue share and distribute your newly mined DARB tokens on a daily basis. Darb platform shares between 35-50% of its revenue with the DARB owners. The revenue share is distributed in ETH each day. All mined coins participate in the everyday distribution.


Each milestone of Proof of Trade enables additional features (like DARB-ETH trading pair on Milestone II) or increase the % of revenue share.

Advisory board

Top 50 users who own the biggest amount of DARB tokens will be invited to private slack as Advisory Board and will help with evaluating new ideas and testing newly developed features as the first feedback loop. The board will be in close contact with DARB team. The list will be updated on a monthly basis.

Download Whitepaper

Check the detailed description in our Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency market white paper

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Pro tips

  • The sooner you have joined, the more tokens you receive per trade
  • The more people come to use the platform, the more you earn
  • Each next Milestone, your revenue is increasing due to increased difficulty - new trades generate fewer tokens but revenue share is the same or even bigger (up to 50%!).
  • Trade a lot as soon as possible to get cheap and easy DARB
  • Invite your friends to increase the platform volume
  • Earn money as the platform grows!

Initial Exchange Offering

An Initial Exchange Offering is conducted on the platform of a cryptocurrency exchange. Contrary to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), an IEO is administered by a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that seeks to raise funds with its newly issued tokens. To list your coin or token on Darb platform, please contact with our consultant on by your preferred medium.

Darb own token

Token as a marketing tool

Promote your own value or value of your company, reward fans by distributing your own tokens. Use Tokens to promote products, services or to price them on the stock market

Free of charge

For projects who will reach top score in Darb evaluation, the listing is free. Submit your asset and get it listed tomorrow!


We are looking for an agile team that will help to change the current state of the blockchain and help with mass adoption of this wonderful technology. By that we are also offering a long term partnership. This extends to help in marketing, providing getting bigger audience, help with development and dedicated Darb IEO consultancy.

Easy listing

The process is really fast! Use prepared form, provide necessary information and our consultant will reach you out within 48h. Your token can be listed in 24h from form submission!

KYC support

The big advantage of IEO is that you don't have to worry about KYC process. It is covered by Darb and can be optional (up to specific amount, depends on team jurisdiction).

IEO dashboard

To provide fluent process, we offer a special dashboard with progress and statuses which is available for the project owners.

 Cryptocurrency exchange logo where you can trade fast and easy

Ecosystem of finance that brings best from both financial worlds: the FIAT and CRYPTO-assets

By providing a user-friendly layer on top of cryptocurrencies and utilizing its features into current, familiar for everyone, FIAT financial system, we are providing unique services of global payments without any borders.

Darb Finance is built from:

  • CRYPTO-FIAT & FIAT-FIAT exchange
  • banking solution
  • payment gateway
  • project launchpad
  • KYC & AML solution

Moreover, Darb is meant to bring cryptocurrency to the people and help with the mass adoption of it. To make it happen, we help new, promising projects to announce their great potential, help newcomers with understanding blockchain and present the opportunities that lay in this technology.

Multichain wallet

Having an account on Darb Finance is like having your own personal multichain wallet. This means an easy option to mange all of your assets in one application, without the need of synchronising blockchains, worrying about node upgrades or worrying about appropriate fees to make your transfer happen with the lowest possible fee and fastest delivery.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Top up with Credit Card

In Darb we are aware that finances are not about revolution - it's about evolution. That's why Darb utilize the current financial system to enhance the easiness of use - now you can top up your Darb account with your CC. Easy and instant top up to start your journey in blockchain world.

Top up


Darb ecosystem

Fair low fees (FLF)

Darb trading fees are as low as possible and start at 0.05% MAKER and 0.15% TAKER which is one of the lowest on the market. And fees are going down the more you trade!

Darb Transfer

Have you ever tried to remember your cryptocurrency address? Or even validate it? It's not an easy task as some addresses may have over 100 characters! Use one, unified Darb Address for all cryptocurrencies and send assets to your friends on Darb Finance platform instantly! After registration on Darb platform, a unique Darb Number will be generated on your account. You can use it for Darb Transfer - a unified system to send any type and currency on Darb platform. It's totally free!

Affiliate Program

If you like Darb platform, you can easily invite your friends and benefit from the affiliate program! Earn 50% of commissions they are paying!


Darb is global, as your finances should be! We are living in an almost borderless world full of opportunities. That's why Darb is available in 8 languages!

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Darb lady swimming in a pool full of bitcoins with a spinning ball

Regulated and licensed

Darb is a fully licensed entity that operates in Malta and Estonia. We care about the privacy of our users and also help to create the new law with the governments we are working with.


Ever stuck with really small amounts in your crypto-wallet? Noone likes to have a lot of change in their pocket - that's why Darb introduces DarbDust. Convert your crypto - dust into one of the most influential cryptocurrencies which is also one of the most stable on the market - Ethereum (ETH).

Market liquidity, provided by DarbOTC

Darb is also providing the OTC desk solution for everyone who wants to trade more than 20 BTC valued assets. The solution has support for all cryptocurrencies listed on the Darb platform. Get the best possible price for big volume trade with Darb! Contact our consultant In our Support Center subpage.

Crypto assets should be available for all people. Sadly, the learning curve is a big one, that's why we've created our explanatory videos. Check them out to start your journey!

Check our YouTube channel
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Coming soon - eta q3 2019

Join fintech of tomorrow, the bank of the next generation, and claim your financial freedom!

Darb Bank is a revolutionary approach towards the mass adoption of crypto-assets into the current financial system, so it could replace it near future. Darb Bank combines the best out of two worlds: the current financial world backed with FIATs and the rising one: crypto-assets. Dealing on the edge of both worlds gives you the flexibility of solutions along with easiness of use, like standard Debit Cards that can be used with crypto. Thanks to that you can always move your funds instantly all over the world and be sure that your funds will be there on time even if Darb Bank is not operating in the specific jurisdiction.

Crypto banking soultions
Create your own financial freedom
Support for EUR, USD, JPY ...
Own dedicated IBAN

Create your own financial freedom

By merging the well known FIAT financial system with cryptocurrencies, we are able to provide a truly global solution for people who want to transfer and use their funds in any corner of the world in the blink of an eye. It's time to end the limitations of your current banking solution!

Accounts security

We understand that global solutions have to be up to highest security standards - that's why, Darb provide multiple layers of security, the platform is tested by world-class leaders in security and you can always monitor your account in Darb mobile application!

Cryptocurrency bank debit card

Coming soon

Physical & Virtual cards

Get your physical card by mail in under seven days or create multiple virtual cards to control your budget and auto-charges. Afraid someone will reuse your card? Simply set up another virtual card and disable the old one - everything in seconds and on your mobile phone! Check out our Darb mobile application.

usd to btc transfer provider logo

Universal payment gateway that accepts both CRYPTO and FIAT currencies

usd to btc transfer provider logo

DarbPay is a universal payment gateway that accepts both CRYPTO and FIAT currencies. To start accepting borderless payments all you have to do is to register on Darb Finance, go through the KYC process and confirm that you want to be a merchant (company or individual). The next step is the simple implementation of the script on your website (which we will help you with, free of charge!). That's it, you can accept payments from all around the world!


DarbPay supports all type of payments and conversions:


Instant payments

All cryptocurrency and CRYPTO-FIAT transfers are made instantly, which means the funds are on your wallet as soon as the transfer was made!

Auto-convert wallets

Don't worry about the price of cryptocurrency that change in time! Eliminate the currency risk with auto-convertible accounts. Any transfer made on this account will be automatically converted to the currency of your choice!

Fast and easy CRYPTO and FIAT exchange

Darb provides users with two separate options of exchanging assets. The first one, for users who are starting their journey or seek for fast and simple currency conversion - Base Exchange. Second, for professional and in-depth market analysis - Trading Terminal. Both views and tools available there, are operating on the same market - giving you an opportunity to buy and sell your crypto-assets in a way you like it!

Bitcoin stock market platform logo Bitcoin stock market platform logo

Darb Exchange

For the ones who seek clean view and fast transactions, Darb introduces the DarbExchange. The clean interface with toggleable details about the market provides a fast and mobile-friendly way to exchange your assets.

Trading Terminal

    For professionals that prefer to have all market details and indicators on the screen, Darb presents the Trading Terminal.
  • All the details about the market to support your trading
  • Over 80 professional indicators
  • Dark mode to provide rest for your eyes

Powerful and fully automated KYC service for your business

Looking for a professional one-stop-shop KYC service for your business? Look no more! Powerful DarbKYC checks over 400 sanction and warning lists, supports multiple and configurable KYC steps with customizable requirements. Fully automated, AI-backed process take care of searching frauds, evaluating risk level and analyzing the uploaded images in search of modifications or any other malicious changes. To get even more from it, the process can be easily backed with human acceptance confirmation.

In addition, after connecting your own anonymized data, the AML module will analyze the transaction logs to search for potential frauds.

This, and revolutionary approach to change "checks" into "person" provides a totally different, more user-friendly and maintainable form.

Check DarbKYC details and schedule your demo call right now!

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